The Plan

The Plan And Purpose…How It All Started

I knew I was ready…at least as ready as you can be for a 6 month trip.  Not sure if I would make it all the way to Colombia or even through Central America but I knew I had do get started and the “right time” would never come.

So, with a vague plan of action and a whole lot of enthusiasm, my trip began…

The Day Finally Arrives!!!

The day before D-Day

The day before D-Day

Here we go! Today July 5, 2013 approx. 9 yrs. since the conception of this idea and the day has finally arrived! All geared up and ready to roll. Heading south from San Antonio, TX to Mexico riding with the Golf of Mexico within site on my left flank as much as the road permits.

Me, my thoughts and a modified KLR650 as my only allies, along with all that goes with it in order to complete the journey. The plan is to rush through the north and central parts of Mexico and slow down some in order to enjoy the southern states of Mexico which are foreign to me and told that it’s the best for sight seeing as well as rich in history.

I have not decided once I’m ready to leave Mexico, whether to leave entering Belize or Guatemala but I have plenty of time to decide.

My Plan

From San Antonio I head south to the border of Mexico and ride down the southeast coast to Central America until I get to Panama. I figure out how the heck I find a watercraft that can take me across to Colombia and take it from there.I guess I can talk about it all I want but until I actually get there, all I can do is talk.1173205

So, I invite you to follow along and see where in this planet I will end up. This is my very first blog so this is all a learning experience for me. I plan on posting lots of pictures and videos as well as plotting my ride along the way so you can follow me and maybe ask questions or give me suggestions of places to visit and things to see wherever I go.

In the meantime, never ever stop dreaming but more importantly take some action on those dreams whatever they may be…we are not getting any younger!

My Purpose For This Trip

I recently was asked the question “Greg, where are you from?”. My answer, “from planet earth”. I sometimes get annoyed by people asking me where I am from, thinking that they will immediately “label” me.  In reality, we have done that at some point.  We seem to judge everyone by either their nationality, skin color, language spoken and most of the time we misjudge.

I will be honest, I dislike people who are rude, unfair or dishonest, no matter where they are from! But really, we as Americans, due to our ignorance for lack of exposure to other cultures, have created difficulties for those who want to travel.8326772

Many, although ill traveled, instill fear and the media is no help either. Nobody would watch the news if it was filled with all the GOOD things people do to each other by the way of charities, churches, volunteer groups not to mention the good deeds from friends and family. What sells are news like rape, mugging or carjacking, although much less frequent, a lot more impressive making it the best control tool a government can have. (More on this subject later on in my travels).

On this trip I would like to share my experiences with other people who for some reason choose not to leave the comfort on the USA borders. My theory is that most people are basically the same, with the same needs, same wants and 99% are basically just plain good people. Different culture, language and religion but essentially we all have many more similarities then differences.

Hopefully I will have contribute to other people opening their minds and decide to take that long awaited trip to “somewhere” and experience some of the things this great planet has to offer. So, stay tuned and let’s see where this journey will lead us.

How this Idea Got Started

Not the actual bike

Not the actual bike

Long story short in 2004 I ended up with a cruiser, a Honda VTX 1300 parked in the driveway of my house in California without knowing how to ride it.  Eventually took a course and got the “bug”.  I have always liked traveling so I thought it would be a good idea to traveling by motorcycle.

 Who really inspired me was Ruben Reccia a guy I had met from Argentina with lot’s of riding experience.  I ended up visiting him in Buenos Aires, Argentina as we became friends and shared ideas about traveling via motorcycle through Latin America.  He had a great philosophy about life, always enjoying the moment to the fullest and placing vacations ahead of work.

He was not wealthy by any means but lived well and seemed to enjoy and have the means to enjoy many pleasures of life.  Enjoyed boating, motorcycles, traveling both locally as well as internationally and lot’s of outdoor activities.  He worked as needed and seemed to always have what he needed to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

We talked about me riding a bike to South America and he would tag along on his Yamaha and show me some great places in Argentina and adjacent countries.  It’s great to dream and share ideas and goals that help us enjoy this great planet we live in but in reality for most of us, it never goes beyond a dream.  We always have other things that come up.  Time restraints, work/business, life challenges so to speak and time just dwindles along year after year.  The next thing we know time has caught up with us and regret kicks in.   We  justify this painful regret with thoughts like “my kids will have the opportunity…”, “I did not have the money” or “too busy working…” and on and on.

I never did make any concrete plans with my friend Ruben, I too was too busy and things would always come up.  And I’ll never be able to share any trips with Ruben.  Shortly before turning 54 he had a massive heart attack and died while driving back home from a project he was working on a few years back.Sometimes we just have to face the fact that the time is now and enjoy the opportunity that is facing us NOW.  Part of the reason for this trip is to help encourage others to realize that life is short, timing is never perfect, we will never be completely free of chores  and that there will always be something else getting in the way of our dreams.   1372215489

Let’s Do This…

My name is Greg Ramos and I invite you to travel along this great adventure of riding to South America and beyond?! Your thoughts and ideas are welcome as well as recommendations of family and friends for places I may visit. I will be happy to pass along information for accommodations, attractions, restaurants, etc. for anyone who plans of visiting any of the places I happen to stop at.

10 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. María Angélica Suárez Velasco

    En la vida todos tenemos sueños y metas por cumplir, sin embargo son pocas las personas que como tú logran alcanzarlos, disfrutarlos al máximo. Es una gran bendición que puedas celebrar cada año tu cumpleaños en un país diferente, con personas diferentes y que cada año sea una gran alegría junto a nuevos amigos.

    FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!! Espero que tengas muchos éxitos y sigas conociendo y persiguiendo tus sueños!!

    Un beso y recuerda: Ríe y sonríe todo lo que quieras mientras te queden dientes. 😛

  2. admin Post author

    Asi es, pero tambien se que nunca hubiera logrado este suenio si no fuera por la ayuda de todos los que me rodean. Gracias Y te deseo lo mismo a ti!!!

    P.S. Seguire viajando mientras aun tenga dientes…

  3. María Angélica Suárez V.

    Yesterday July 5 marked two years since you started the journey … I hope you many more travel aniversaries come your way and let your routes never end . Lots of successes and continue to enjoy!

  4. Martín Vega

    Hola, greg. Me parece fabuloso el viaje que estas haciendo,y te Felicitó por la gran aventura en la que te haz embarcado,soy de claypole,Buenos Aires,Argentina.
    Te cuento que me hallo vacacionando en Iguazu y ayer por la tarde caminando por su centro comercial vimos tu hermosa máquina Vstrom roja con chapa colombia y me llamó la atención tu moto y su procedencia pero no sabía de tu travesía. Hoy a la mañana en canal local vi tu entrevista ….y me pareció grandioso lo que haces. Hace menos de un año deje de ser MOTOCICLISTA POLICIAL de una Fuerza Seguridad Federal de mi país y quisiera exponerte en grupos de facebook y en foros de gente amiga que hacen del MOTOCILISMO UN CULTO. TE ENVIO LA MEJOR DE LAS SUERTES Y QUE TENGAS MUY BUEN CAMINO. UN ABRAZO ENORME

    • Greg Post author

      Que tal Martin! Muchas gracias por tu comentario y tus buenos deseos. Una pequeña aclaración, la moto que vistes no es la mia. Yo viajo en una Kawasaki KLR 650 y es de placas de USA de donde soy yo, pero mi novia si es de Colombia. Pero no importa, yo aun me encuentro en Puerto Iguazu y maniana pensamos salis hacia Sao Paulo. Saludos y un abrazo!!!

  5. Alex Sandro Sales

    Hi, how are you?

    My name is Alex Sandro Sales I met you in Santos Harley Davidson. I took some pictures of you on the road. I would like send you , your pictures for suvenir. Send me the answer by my email.

    Best regards,

    Alex Sandro Sales

  6. Lucila Reccia

    Oh my, Greg. Thank you so much for this! on a sad anniversary, and having no physical place to find my dad I do the 21st century thing and I google him, and I find him, I find this page, this tribute, this jewel. I’m so glad to read this post, so happy to find that my dad inspired you to do this trip and how well you describe him. Thank you so much! I wish you the best.

    • Greg Post author

      It was a pleasure to read your post. I will forever be thankful to your late father to have motivated me to start this trip. Thank you so very much for posting!


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