Roads Less Traveled – Risks of Traveling

Taking the “Road Less Traveled” can sometimes make the journey more exciting but…

When taking roads that are less often traveled we can expect to see and appreciate some awesome views and if lucky get a shot at some great pictures and videos, but with this also comes greater risks.

It’s important to carry extra fuel and water when deciding to take these less populated detours but there is a lot more to it than just fuel and water.  When traveling by vehicle I would also recommend to always carry at least some basic tools, spare inner tube, air pump, (2) 12′ straps, zip ties, a GPS, cell phone and a first aid kit.

You need to keep in mind when taking these less  populated roads anything can happen and you might not have help for hours or even days.  Situations can arrive where no amount of equipment can get you back to “safety”.  Risk is just part of life and yes, including being  on a solitary off-road in a foreign country where the closest town is 100 miles away.  It may sound “corny” but keeping the right mind set is your best protection.

We attract everything with our thoughts and consequently with our actions. Stay positive, use common sense and  decide how far you want to explore as you go along.


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2 thoughts on “Roads Less Traveled – Risks of Traveling

  1. María Angélica Suárez V.

    Definitely I think always is better to be risky.. as they say nothing ventured nothing gained.. so you have to be encouraged to take different routes and not just the obvious ones. I am always surprised with so many beautiful things that our planet has to offer.

  2. Greg Post author

    Everything involves risk including traveling through unknown places. But I think that the biggest risk of all is growing old and never have taken a shot at attempting to live your dreams. Thanks for your comments.


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