Traveling Without a GPS, Cell Phone or Map – Not What I Had In Mind

My GPS does not turn on neither does my cell phone and I lost an awesome map that was given to me by a cyclist I met on the road last month.

The Garmin GPSMAP 64 is not as “water proof” as it is claimed to be.  The rains from the last several days got the best of it and after only about 5 months it stopped working.  No problem I have a cell phone and now google maps works even without a wifi connection.  Well, I had it on the top on my tank bag inside the plastic pouch in order to see where I was going while using google maps and the heat got to it. I think I fried it.  I then remembered I was giving this great road map of Brazil by a cyclist traveler met on the road several weeks and that too is a goner “lost/stolen”. And for some odd reason I can not seem to find a road map of Brazil in any gas stations I stop.

I guess it’s time to go old school, I mean REALLY old school, as in asking for directions and locating my direction by the positioning of the sun.  Well, a good thing that is coming of all this is that I sure am getting a chance to practice my Portuguese.  And there have been many stops along the way. For those of you who know me, know that I have the sense of direction of a Puertorican cockroach trying to get hide from a midnight snacker who just flicked on the light switch.  And that’s exactly how I have been feeling on these roads for the last two days…not good at all.

Since there are very few hostels in Brazil outside of the regular tourist areas I have had to stay in Hotels, allowing for very little opportunities to practice my Portuguese with other travelers.  I guess that could be the positive side of it all.

So, here I am in a lesser “crowded” part of Brazil hoping to get at least a glimpse of the famous “Carnaval Do Brasil” in a much less famous City like Rio Do Janeiro or other large Cities where the Carnival is more commonly known for.

I would like to thank all my new motorcycle brothers in Brazil and Bolivia for the information I have received that allowed me to make these travel adjustments and avoid having been stuck in the middle of “la la land” until the roads dry up (which could mean sometime in April).  And especially to  Cezar Augusto S. Oliveira  and his “gang” from Carpe Dien as well as many others who although some I might have not met in person, have been following me along and assisting me in so many ways.

You can trace me along and see my route at: Where In The World Is Greg NOW?! on my website

See you all somewhere sometime!!!

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