Cartagena De Indias

The Magical “Stone City of Colombia ” . It´s captivating historic center soared during the colonial times .  This beautiful city saw me arrive by boat (Crazy horse) from Panama and witnessed the crossing when transporting my ¨Japonesita¨  on the boat  along with 2 other KLR´s and their owners. It was also here where my journey takes somewhat of a turn.

It  was no longer Japonesita and I, but here I was the meet with my girlfriend and continue the trip with her, who had already been waiting for impatiently for 2 months.

According to my initial plans it was going to take me  30 days to cross Mexico and Central America.


Known as “The Golden Gate of Colombia “, as it is the capital city of the department of  ¨Atlantico¨, where the export market began and which became the main export center of the country.

Also famous and for its Carnival of Barranquilla where it is held every year, one of the largest in the country and ranked the fourth largest  folk and cultural festival in the world. Event that through folk performances , shows the cultural varieties of Colombia’s caribbean coast .

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