Traveling Without a GPS, Cell Phone or Map – Not What I Had In Mind

My GPS does not turn on neither does my cell phone and I lost an awesome map that was given to me by a cyclist I met on the road last month. The Garmin GPSMAP 64 is not as “water proof” as it is claimed to be.  The rains from the last several days got the best of it and after only about 5 months it stopped working.  No problem I have a cell phone and now google maps works even without a wifi connection.  Well, I had it on the top on my tank bag inside the plastic pouch Continue Reading →

Today I Lost A Friend – R.I.P.

She was probably one of the most cheerful friends I have made since the commencement of my trip. Although at times she could be a little rascal she was always up beat and seemed to never have a bad day. “The things that we lived together are my sole consolation, my only proof that I had a friendship as cheerful as yours. I could never replace you and in my heart there’s always a very special place where I will treasure your memories. Rest in peace my little friend…I will miss you Martita.” Thank you for your comments…

Roads Less Traveled – Risks of Traveling

Taking the “Road Less Traveled” can sometimes make the journey more exciting but… When taking roads that are less often traveled we can expect to see and appreciate some awesome views and if lucky get a shot at some great pictures and videos, but with this also comes greater risks. It’s important to carry extra fuel and water when deciding to take these less populated detours but there is a lot more to it than just fuel and water.  When traveling by vehicle I would also recommend to always carry at least some basic tools, spare inner tube, air pump, Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Hope you all enjoy the pictures and videos of my travels.  My best wish is that I can help bring out the traveler in all of us with some inspiration and a little humor.  Please leave any comments or suggestions here.